The Clubhouse


The DF18+ Clubhouse is our dedicated space for beauty located in Via Santo Spirito,19 within the heart of Milan’s luxury shopping district, where you can immerse yourself in the world of skincare, technology art and the power of nature and discover the luxurious and efficient skincare formulations DF18+ has to offer. This space is intentional, a place that represents the core of DF18+. Designed to absorb the beauty that surrounds us and is within all of us.

Via Santo Spirito 19, Milano

Discover your unique skin identity

In the DF18+ Clubhouse you can experience our exclusive skin analysis technology. A device designed for dermatologists with the abilities to monitor the condition of your skin over time, revealing a personalized path to elevate your skincare routine. After a private consultation and analysis, we can define specialized product recommendations that will help you meet all your skincare needs.

This innovative technology has dedicated programs for different areas of the skin, customized reports, statistics and even provides images to visualize the skin progress before and after treatment with our DF18+ line. All of this valuable information can be sent to your phone or email, where you can compare your ski progress over time.

Artistry in our DNA

AT DF18+ we think of skincare and beauty as an art form and are continuously inspired by all the beautiful things that surround us. It is important to create a space where our DNA comes to life.

Explore our flagship store, where you can find displays designed in collaboration with JoAnn Tan, the talent behind the world’s most dreamy luxury boutiques and windows, and an original Andy Warhol flower series from our founder’s private collection. Both visually representing DF18+’s love for skincare, nature and science.